My name is Bryan Müller, a Belgian/American software developer and musician.

Programmer Illustration

Software Development

I am an experienced software developer with a focus in web technologies. I have worked as both a front-end and a full-stack engineer with stacks such as Ruby on Rails, ExpressJS, GraphQL, Vue.js, and React.

I have worked in a variety of technology industries such as the educational, financial, and insurance sectors.

I do my best to stay active in the wider development community via attending and speaking at meetups, and contributing to the Open Source ecosystem.

Music Illustration


I have been a musician almost my entire life. I am a trained pianist, and have experience with the flute and alto saxophone.

In a more non-traditional vein, I enjoy remixing and producing music digitally in a variety of EDM genres. I have also collaborated on projects in the hip-hop/rap community as a producer.